Chief, Production and Rental Services, Shenkman Arts Centre

Post Date: 
October 15, 2019
Closing date: 
October 17, 2019
Chief, Production and Rental Services
Shenkman Arts Centre
245 Centrum Blvd
Ottawa,, ON K1E 0A1
Job Description: 

The Chief of, Production and Rental Services directs the resources and operation of the Theatres’/Centre’s Rental and Production Services, including facilities and equipment, and manages staff and associated budgets while ensuring the services provided to theatre clients are done efficiently, effectively and safely. Coordinates the production activity and flow of information among artistic, administrative and production staff. Develops and oversees training programs specific to the live entertainment industry. Consults, inspects and approves all in-coming production components and is responsible for the planning, implementation and evaluation of production programs.


Education & Experience

Graduate of a three (3) year University degree specializing in Technical Theatre and Production or equivalent

  • Minimum six (6) years of demonstrated success in a similar position

  • Minimum two (2) years as construction carpenter in the live entertainment industry

  • Production Management, Lighting Design, Audio Design, Stage Management, Pyrotechnic Special Effects, Rigging Systems

*Experience and formal training combined with demonstrated performance and ability may substitute for stipulated academic requirements.

Language, Certificates & Licenses

Federally licensed to use Pyrotechnics Special Effects

The successful candidate will be required to complete a Criminal Record Check to the City of Ottawa’s satisfaction.

Designated – specific level of language proficiency:
French oral, reading required
English oral, reading, writing required
Candidates who do not meet language requirements will be required to participate in training.


  • Management principles and theory

  • Project management skills

  • A working knowledge of the Ontario Building Code

  • Expert knowledge of health and safety and other legislation, including those specific to the live entertainment industry. Must have knowledge of any potential or actual danger to health or safety in the work place, and have knowledge of appropriate actions to be taken in order to ensure the health and safety of staff in accordance with applicable legislation and city policies and procedures.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of design and set construction

  • In depth knowledge of production administration and management, stage management, master carpentry, counterweight flying systems, lighting and audio systems, atmospheric systems, project management and procurement practices

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office including Excel and in CADD design programs

  • Must possess the training, experience and knowledge to organize the work and its performance

  • Must be familiar with all applicable health and safety legislation, have knowledge of any potential or actual danger to health or safety in the work place, and have knowledge of appropriate actions to be taken in order to ensure the health and safety of staff in accordance with applicable legislation and City policies and procedures.

Competencies & Skills

Strategic Leadership

  • Understands and is aware of the political environment and the accountability principles related to it
  • Implements and reinforces processes to ensure clear linkages to vision, values and organizational strategies and to department/branch/team/ individual goals and across the organization
  • Provides inputs to strategic plans and programs taking into consideration Service
  • Excellence, sustainability, and cross-team impacts
  • Monitors and remains informed of current and future internal and external trends and makes recommendations to deliver client centric results
  • Supports and implements organizational plans to capitalize on opportunities and address challenges
  • Leads, motivates and supervises effectively in a complex, unionized work environment

Demonstrates Business Sense

  • Provides input to branch/division business decisions and makes effective operational decisions that impact both the short and long term direction/sustainability of the organization
  • Researches and analyzes issues, makes decisions, develops appropriate solutions and formulates recommendations
  • Applies sound financial and business sense in the input, development and implementation of all budgets, plans, services and processes
  • Manages concurrent, complex, and often highly sensitive projects, and brings projects to completion on time and within budget
  • Assesses and effectively manages financial and operational risks and resources for the team; takes calculated risks by using good judgment and applying previous work experience as input to decision making.

Builds Collaborative Relationships

  • Builds and maintains a strong network of internal and external contacts to achieve business goals
  • Persuades others; builds consensus through give and take; brings conflicting points of view to consensus, gains cooperation from others to obtain / share information and accomplish goals
  • Demonstrates a collaborative approach in working with others in delivering products and services; resolves and/or facilitates resolution of conflicts within the group, between related work groups, and/or between the group and other constituencies
  • Communicates effectively, receives and shares information within and across teams in a timely and transparent manner
  • Fosters a collaborative team environment among employees

Fosters Innovation and Change

  • Makes changes in response to the needs of the client and/or the situation; supports and explains the rationale for change and keeps the team informed
  • Integrates change effectively into the team/operational environment
  • Analyzes problems involving resources, scheduling, technical and other difficulties, and works with multi-disciplinary teams to develop realistic and innovative solutions
  • Facilitates effective brainstorming and encourages others to consider innovative alternatives and ideas for continuous improvement.

Engages Employees

  • Fosters a supportive environment of trust, mutual respect and cooperation where employees feel they have a voice and successes are celebrated
  • Provides ongoing encouragement, assistance, constructive feedback, performance management, goal setting, recognition and career planning;
  • Recognizes and rewards employees for a positive behaviour
  • Empowers employees by delegating appropriate levels of authority
  • Ensures equitable distribution of routine and important tasks within the Team
  • Creates and maintains a workplace that is sensitive to equity and inclusion
  • Aware of how his/her actions impact the team
  • Spends time with employees to develop mutual trust
  • Consistently treats people with fairness and respect, is tactful and empathetic

Delivers Results

  • Uses organizational skills and abilities to plan, initiate, organize and prioritize team work, and to deal effectively with multiple projects/demands, conflicting priorities, pressures and deadlines
  • Provides input to branch/division plans, and creates work unit plans with measurable goals that are cascaded down to the individual employee level
  • Demonstrates and encourages a results-focused culture through ongoing monitoring of plans; holds themselves and others accountable for achieving agreed upon commitments, deadlines and milestones; quickly mobilizes resources to address a problem
  • Empowers staff and effectively delegates work, laying out specific expectations and deliverables expected
  • Reinforces and monitors appropriate controls with regard to authorization of expenditures, payments, processes and use of corporate resources (i.e. equipment, vehicles, etc.)

Client-Centric Focus

  • Understands the business and ensures a timely and proactive response to provide quality service to meet and exceed diverse client needs and expectations
  • Reinforces how the contribution of each team member has an impact on service excellence, the need to use a client-centric focus, and to actively work to achieve client service standards
  • Collects and uses client feedback on an ongoing basis to make recommendations for continuous improvement
  • Keeps focused on the client when making decisions and taking actions; honours commitments, demonstrates effective client relations by reacting appropriately to client requests, concerns and complaints
  • Applies the principles of equity and inclusion in day to day service delivery
$75,912.20 to $92,366.82 annually (2019 rates of pay)

Full-time Temporary Position - 35 hours/week (up to 3 months)