I Want to Showcase

I Want to Showcase is a collaboration between Ontario Contact and Contact East, and their goal is simple: to offer artists applying to showcase a site that is easy to navigate, understand and use.

I Want to Showcase presents an easier way for performing artists to apply for showcase conferences. Through this joint showcase application, artists now have the opportunity to apply for one or more conferences online. List is as below: 

  • Alberta Showcase
  • Arts Midwest
  • Contact East
  • Manitoba Showcase Contact
  • Mid Atlantic Performing Arts Market
  • Ontario Contact
  • OSAC Showcase
  • Ohio Arts Presenters Network
  • Pacific Contact
  • Performing Arts Exchange
  • Western Arts Alliance

We welcome our partner conferences as they join us in working together for the benefit of our artists.

To start your application go to www.iwanttoshowcase.ca!