OAC Ontario Dances

Ontario Dances seeks to have more dance performances in Ontario communities and more people engaged, interested and invested in dance at a local level in our province. The program aims to increase the range and diversity of dance available to communities in Ontario outside of the city of Toronto.

Fully funded by the Ontario Arts Council (OAC), Ontario Dances program builds capacity for dance presenters, dance artists and dance organizations and offers the public the opportunity to participate in dance at all levels from dance classes and workshops to dance artists in residence to the presentation of dance by Ontario-based professional dance artists.

Ontario Dances supports the following Ontario Presents members:

Why I dance… Pourquoi je danse… is a celebration of dance participation in Ontario. This video features both amateur and professional dancers reflecting on why they dance. A moving tribute to an art form enjoyed by many Ontarians, it captures the diversity of dance expression in this province. Why I dance… Pourquoi je danse… was directed and produced for the Ontario Arts Council by Gloria Ui Young Kim.


PLEASE NOTE: The Ontario Dances Artist Portal is closed. If you have any questions, please contact Ceilidh Wood, Program Coordinator, Ontario Presents at ceilidh@ontariopresents.ca, or Myles Warren, Dance Officer, Ontario Arts Council at mwarren@arts.on.ca.

Le portail Ontario danse pour artistes est fermé. Si vous avez des questions, veuillez les adresser à Ceilidh Wood, coordonnatrice de programme, Ontario Presents, à ceilidh@ontariopresents.ca, ou à Myles Warren, responsable de la danse, Conseil des arts de l’Ontario, à mwarren@arts.on.ca