Travel Funds to View Works by Indigenous Artists

Ontario Presents is pleased to announce a new initiative as part of our ongoing efforts to support the presentation of work by Indigenous performing artists in Ontario.

OP presenter members can now apply for funds to cover the costs of travelling to see Indigenous work.

Adam Moffatt has worked with Ontario Presents to create a list of presentation-ready Indigenous artists currently performing in the province (or nearby). The list is available below and will be updated as new works are identified.

While this listing is publicly available (please feel free to share), the funding program is open to Ontario Presents presenting members only. Funds will cover tickets, accommodation, and a contribution towards travel. To apply, simply complete this form and send it to Ceilidh Wood.

This is an ongoing program with continuous intake until funds are spent.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Ceilidh.  

We encourage you to review OP’s Guiding Principles for Presenting Indigenous work for further guidance on this important topic.

November 2018

Tues, Oct 30 - Sun, Nov 11
Red Sky Performance - trace at Canadian Stage, Toronto


From the stars we are born. We are traceable to the very beginnings of the universe, our ancestral origins stretching across the Milky Way to the atoms burning inside of us here on earth. Trace maps our Anishinaabe sky and star stories, offering a glimpse into our origin as well as our future evolution.

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Wed, Nov 14 - Sat, Nov 24Ruby Comfort by Ian Cusson (Ty Sloane, Jenn Forgie, Samantha Brown, Brendan Chandler), ph. Kaytee Dalton
Weesageechak Begins to Dance Festival at Native Earth Performing Arts, Toronto


Native Earth welcomes you to the 31st annual performing arts festival fostering the development of Indigenous work from across Turtle Island and the world. Taking place over two weeks in our Aki Studio, the festival brings together emerging, mid-career, and established artists to develop and showcase contemporary Indigenous theatre, dance, opera and multidisciplinary creations. The festival offers audience an opportunity to experience the richness and diversity of contemporary Indigenous art.

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Photo by Kaytee Dalton

Fri, Nov 16Buddies-Cabaret-Landa_Lakes_ph.ConnieTsang
2-Spirit Cabaret at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto


Native Earth Performing Arts is once again partnering with Buddies in Bad Times Theatre to present the 3rd edition of the 2-Spirit Cabaret, an exciting evening of music, dance, spoken word, drag, performance art, poetry and comedy by 2-Spirit, Queer and Trans-identified Indigenous Artists. Hosted and curated by award-winning 2-Spirit theatre artist Michaela Washburn, the 2-Spirit Cabaret will be presented on Friday November 16, 2018, in the Chamber (mainspace) at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, as part of the 31st Weesageechak Begins to Dance festival.

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Photo by Connie Tsang

Fri, Nov 16
Cody Coyote at the National Arts Centre, Ottawa


Cody Coyote is quickly becoming one of Ottawa’s most recognizable and inspiring hip hop artists. Of Ojibwe/Irish descent, his fiery performances fuse profound lyricism with inspiring narratives drawn from his observations on modern life, while paying homage to his Matachewan First Nation ancestry. Coyote’s most recent album “Mamawi” (“All Together” in Anishinaabemowin) explores ideas of positive change through togetherness, love and unity.

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Fri, Nov 16
Lacey Hill at the Koerner Hall, Toronto


A soulful musician, singer, and songwriter. Lacey Hill composes her music in Southern Ontario on the Six Nations of the Grand River reserve. She grew up “down the bush” (slang for ‘on the reserve’) where her passion for singing emerged when she was just a toddler.

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Fri, Nov 16 & Sat, Nov 17The Mush Hole performance photo
Santee Smith’s The Mush Hole at McMaster University


The Mush Hole reflects the realities of the Mohawk Institute residential school experience and offers a way to open dialogue and to heal, through acknowledgement and honouring the spirit of Survivors and families that were impacted. The Mush Hole moves through the devastation of residential school with grace and hope for transformation and release. Opening a small window into the atrocities inflicted on 1000’s of Indigenous children, it attempts to close the door on historical amnesia. A haunting portrayal, weaves through memories of Survivors, reliving traumas, school life, loss of culture, remembrance, returning to find each other and lifting off of shame. The legacy of the Indian Residential School system and the continuing institutionalized extermination of Indigenous lives and culture is an issue that effects all Canadians.

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<style=”font-size: 12px;”>Photo by Ian R Maracle

Mon, Nov 19 - Sat, Nov 24A Tribe Called Red performance photo
A Tribe Called Red


Show Dates:
Nov 19: Centre in the Square, Kitchener
Nov 20: The Grand Theatre, Kingston 
Nov 22: National Arts Centre, Ottawa
Nov 23: FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre, St. Catharines
Nov 24: The Living Arts Centre, Mississauga

Looking to the future, without losing sight of its past, ATCR straddles a wide range of musical influences that are rooted in modern hip-hop and the traditional percussions and songs of pow-wow parties, interspersed with electronic production. avant-garde of various styles. ATCR, which brings together Bear Witness and 2oolman, was first created in 2008. The group is part of a new generation of artists who, along with Idle No More, a renewed Indigenous rights movement, have a strong cultural and social impact in Canada.

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Photo by Timothy Nguyen Photography

Wed, Nov 21 - Thurs, Nov 22Bloom photo with guitar


Show Dates:
Nov 21: The Casbah, Hamilton
Nov 22: RPM Live at Burdock Brewery, Toronto

With a clear love of the early days of shoegaze (think Kevin Shields) and a romantic appreciation for all things Brian Wilson, Hamilton, Ontario’s Bloom are the harbringers of something new in this world. They have guitars, drums and other contraptions, yes, but it’s what they do with them that sets them apart. They sing too, often over each other – a capella, like they used to do back in the day. They are “young and full of life” and subsequently so is their music, which often takes an ethereal reverbed out POP twist.

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Thurs, Nov 22
Evan Redsky, part of RPM Live at Burdock Brewery, Toronto


Evan Redsky is a singer-songwriter from Blind River, ON by way of Toronto. Having spent five years on the road with Juno-nominated rock group Single Mothers - he has since left to finish writing and recording his debut effort. Produced and recorded with John Dinsmore (Kathleen Edwards, Donovan Woods) at Lincoln County Social Club - the Danny Wolfe EP is a return to Redsky’s Indigenous storytelling roots.

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Thurs, Nov 22 - Thurs, Dec 13Ansley Simpson Headshot
Ansley Simpson


Show Dates:
Nov 22: RPM Live, Burdock Brewery, Toronto (Tickets and Info)
Nov 29: Rum Runners Music Hall, London (Tickets and Info)
Nov 22: The Red Dog, Peterborough (Tickets and Info)
Dec 13: Starlite, Waterloo (Tickets and Info)

Ansley Simpson is a Toronto-based Anishinaabe singer-songwriter and inaugural winner of the BullsEye Emerging Artist award from ImagineNATIVE. Her much anticipated debut album “Breakwall” is a swelling, soft symphony of stirring lyrics and intricate guitar. A natural performer, she holds audiences spellbound with her haunting vocals and poetics. Currently working hard on her sophomore album She Fell From the Sky.

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Photo by Aaron Mason

Thurs, Nov 29Elisapie photo - by Le Pigeon
Elisapie at the National Arts Centre, Ottawa


In September 2018, Elisapie will release her fourth album, The Ballad of the Runaway Girl, through Bonsound and Yotanka. In the self-doubt that arose from a tumultuous postpartum depression, Elisapie has found comfort and hope in ancient Indigenous folk tunes. While she was imagining recording an inuit folk cover songs album, inspiration came by simply strumming her guitar and new songs came in naturally. Intimate pieces of her own identity, such as her adoption, her exodus and the role of women in society, have woven themselves into her work to form a whole. The Ballad of the Runaway Girl is a poetic gesture driven by urgency, doubt, gentleness, sensitivity, grace and motherly love.

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Photo by Le Pigeon

December 2018

Wed, Dec 13 - Sat, Dec 15Jeremy Dutcher Photo
Jeremy Dutcher


Show Dates:
Dec 12: Aeolian Hall, London (Tickets and Info)
Dec 13: Royal City Church, Guelph (Tickets and Info)
Dec 15: Danforth Music Hall, Toronto (Tickets and Info)

Jeremy Dutcher is a classically-trained Canadian Indigenous tenor, composer, musicologist, performer and activist, who currently lives in Toronto, Ontario. This classically trained operatic tenor takes every opportunity to blend his Wolastoq roots into the music he creates. He is most noted for his album Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa, which won the 2018 Polaris Music Prize.

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Photo by Matt Barnes

February 2019

Thurs, Feb 14 - Sat, Feb 16Blood Ties performance photo
Kaha:wi Dance - Blood Tides at the Harbourfront Centre, Toronto


Blood Tides activates sacred alignments from cosmos to womb. Imagery and energies span the wide range of what is woman: warrior, leader, mother, divine goddess, creator, thresholder of life and death and huntress, illuminated by elemental and ancestral forces. Blood Tides acknowledges the magnificence of women in all of her phases – its inter-generational performance. “Blood Tides opens up space to question, retrieve pre-colonial Indigenous women’s knowledges, and weave her narratives and experiences. The embodiment of her divinity and humanity united, owning and navigating space, Blood Tides activates women’s ceremony and cycles remembering Indigenous matrifocal ways of being.” Santee Smith (Artistic Director/Producer, Six Nations)

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Photo by Ian R Maracle

Sat, Feb 16
Amanda Rheaume at the National Arts Centre, Ottawa


Gritty and melodic, Amanda Rhéaume has become synonymous with some of the catchiest, Canadian roots-pop of the last decade. Winner of the 2014 CFMA for Aboriginal Songwriter of the Year, Rhéaume has toured extensively across Canada, the US, Europe, The United Kingdom, Central America, and more. She has opened for artists such as Emmylou Harris, K’Naan, Lucinda Williams, and Ani Difranco.

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Sun, Feb 17Matiu Headshot
Matiu at the Grand Théâtre de Québec, Quebec City


Matiu comes from the Côte-Nord region and is one of those artists opposed to sequined artists: he is very ordinary and quiet, he is the musical mix of Neil Young and ZZ Top. His music seeks to understand human relationships, identity and, ultimately, the meaning of life, that of the reserve as that of the city

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Photo by Julien Choquette

March 2019

Sun, Mar 30Diyet and the Love Soldiers group photo
Diyet & The Love Soldiers at the National Arts Centre, Ottawa


Born in a tent and raised in a cabin on the shores of a glacial lake in the Kluane region of Canada’s Yukon, country-roots artist Diyet is a seamless amalgam of cultures. Via folk music and Aboriginal forms, she channels her various linages (Southern Tutchone, Japanese, Tlingit and Scottish) into stories and melodies deeply rooted in her Indigenous world view, and northern reality. The owner of a formidable voice, she performs as a trio with husband/guitarist/collaborator, Robert van Lieshout, and multi- instrumentalist, Bob Hamilton. Diyet’s music is an adventurous show and tell, effortlessly balancing modernity and tradition.

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May 2019

Sat, May 4Leela Gilday Photo by Shawna McLeod
Leela Gilday


Born in Yellowknife, on the shores of Great Slave Lake, Leela Gilday writes warm and effortless folk-pop, steeped in the history of her people and the ruggedness of land that created her. Leela Gilday has toured extensively across Canada, the US, Greenland, Denmark, and Europe. A gifted storyteller, NAC Presents welcomes Leela Gilday as she releases her fifth studio album (Spring 2019).

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Photo by Shawna McLeod