Meet the Artist: Norma Araiza and Olga Barrios


We’re back with this month’s featured artist. We encourage you to watch these videos with an open mind, and to remember that starting a relationship with an artist can be something smaller than a mainstage show such as inviting them to lead a workshop, sit on a panel, or collaborate with an artist local to you.

Norma Araiza and Olga Barrios are Co-Artistic Directors of Vanguardia Dance Projects, a collective based in Toronto.  They are both part of Gathering Knowledge, Sharing Voices: Touring in the New Normal - a learning community for IBPOC dance and theatre artists. Led by peer mentors Aria Evans and Nova Bhattacharya, this project was designed to give participating artists a chance to build their knowledge and skills around touring and being presented. 

Watch the video here!