Ontario Presents

Ontario Presents is a province-wide network of performing arts touring and presenting organizations that work collaboratively to facilitate the distribution of live, performing arts shows – and their engagement with citizens – into communities across Ontario. The organization was incorporated as a not-for-profit network of performing arts venues in 1988 and has grown over the years to be an effective champion for the practice of performing arts presentation and community engagement. Its members include municipal performing arts centres; not-for-profit, volunteer, community presenters; touring artists/arts organizations, artists’ agents, and industry service consultants.    

Ontario Presents operates a number of participatory programs and services that help members build capacity, develop leadership and create opportunities to grow and diversify their audiences. 

Statement of Purpose

Whereas art is a fundamental aspect of the human experience that enriches the lives of individuals and communities, fosters empathy, and builds essential bridges of understanding;

AND presenting organizations are uniquely positioned to facilitate engagement between artists and communities;

Ontario Presents exists to strengthen and support the practice of performing arts presentation so that it becomes more collaborative, artist-focused, and meaningful to communities. We believe that building effective and authentic relationships is fundamental to our work.

Ontario Presents’ mission, then, is to foster effective working relationships among artists, agents, producers, and presenters in their mutual endeavours to stage great performing arts experiences that open citizen’s minds and hearts to the world and the peoples around them.

We value:

  • Respect: Fundamental respect for all people is essential to all interactions
  • Collaboration: We can achieve more by working together than alone
  • Trust: Collaboration requires trust, honesty, and fair dealing
  • Community: A focus on relationships over individual gain ultimately helps to build culturally, socially, and economically thriving communities
  • Inclusion: All people deserve access to the arts
  • Continual Learning: We are more effective when we recognize our own gaps in knowledge and understanding and operate in a spirit of continual learning

Guiding Principles

  1. Provide a safe working environment in all of our professional interactions;
  2. Proactively listen to the unique needs of the membership in order to provide appropriate responses and support;
  3. Remove barriers to participation in presentation and touring;
  4. Actively encourage inclusivity, equity, and diversity in the presenting field; and
  5. Actively advocate for the advancement of the touring and presenting field.

Download the Statement of Purpose, Values and Guiding Principles here

Presenting Indigenous Work

Ontario Presents and its member presenting organizations recognize the importance of presenting Indigenous artists, stories and culture as part of its presenting practice. Historical experiences and cultural differences require that this work be presented in a respectful way that engages both our Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

In order to support  the presenting of Indigenous work, guiding principles have been developed for our organization and our members. These principles are intended to be a living document and will be updated as needed to reflect lessons learned and best practices occurring in the presenting field.

Read the full Statement of Guiding Principles for Presenting Indigenous Work.