The Ontario Presents member network connects performing arts professionals who believe in Ontario Presents’ vision and values. Network participants include performing arts centres, volunteer community presenting associations, municipal venue presenters, academic venue presenters, non-presenting venues, performing artists, artistic companies, artist agents, artist managers, arts consultants; and students and individuals involved and interested in the performing arts sector.

Network members actively participate in collaborative, network-led initiatives. These include annual block booking of season programs, participation in learning communities, and attending annual member events such as Spring Retreat, Mid-winter Intensives and the Blue Sky Day.

Network members also participate online, sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience with each other.

What are the attributes of network members?

  • Members who are clear about: Why and for whom they exist and why their work is important
  • Members who are able to take effective action
  • Members who are continuously learning and growing
  • Members who are generous with themselves and with their colleagues
  • Members who care passionately about making their communities healthy and vibrant

All network members share a responsibility to:

  • Support the aims and objectives of the network
  • Participate collaboratively
  • Believe deeply in the importance of their work

To learn more about network members, visit our online Network Directory. Our Network Directory is searchable by category, organization name, individual name and by region. Please note, Ontario regions are defined based on the OAC Regions Map.

Network Programs

The network’s participatory programs include:

To learn more about network programs visit our programs section.

To learn about member services visit this page

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