Community Presenters Network

The Community Presenters Network (CPN)

The CPN is a network of smaller-sized, smaller-scale performing arts venues, presenters, artists, and arts organizations from across Ontario. We are united by an understanding that the network structures that serve large-scale, multi-venue Performing Arts Centres so well don’t always fit the operational realities of smaller halls, which are often dictated by limited staffing, space and budgets. Despite these realities the members of the CPN have realized that in order to bring great art and artists to our communities we need to seek out and collaborate with like-minded colleagues working under similar conditions to ourselves. 

The goals of the Community Presenters Network include:

  • Sharing resources and best practices
  • Learning from, drawing inspiration from, collaborating with and supporting our colleagues
  • Raising the cultural bar in our communities by bringing in more and better art and artists
  • Pursuing block-booking opportunities between similar-sized venues (not affiliated with Ontario Presents’ block-booking)

Membership in the network is very open and fluid at this time: venue managers, presenters, artists, arts organizations and cultural animators who feel that they are a good fit for this network are welcome to join by filling out the form below. In the very specific cases where a number of venues wish to block-book with each other those members will engage in a closed discussion to protect the confidentiality of their negotiations, but otherwise the CPN is committed to being a network that is as open and inclusive as possible. Please note that you DO NOT need to be a member of Ontario Presents to be a member of CPN. 

For more information about the CPN, please contact current co-leaders Bob Giorgini or Eric Goudie.


  • Fergus Grand Theatre
  • Wolf Performance Hall, London Public Library
  • Kirkland Lake Arts Council
  • Waterford Old Town Hall 
  • Registry Theatre, Kitchener
  • Mady Centre for the Performing Arts
  • St. Francis Centre, City of Ajax
  • Market Hall, Peterborough
  • Seneca Queen Theatre
  • Meaford Hall Arts and Culture Centre
  • Huntsville Festival of the Arts 
  • Aboriginal Curatorial Collective
  • Folkus Concert Series, Almonte
  • Cobalt Classic Theatre
  • The Crown Harriston
  • Charles W. Stockey Centre
  • 19 on the Park
  • Aurora Cultural Centre