ARTS 308 - Talk to Your MP


The Canadian Arts Coalition launched the Arts 308 campaign, in place of the Arts Day on the Hill. The essence of the campaign is to have arts professionals like you talk to their MP about the value of the arts.  

You can get involved in several ways:

The Arts 308 toolkit includes helpful information about how to schedule a meeting with your MP, tips for what to say once you get one, an overview of the key messages of the Canadian Arts Coalition. There is also a series of videos you can watch. 

This campaign will benefit greatly from your participation. There is a window of opportunity for meetings in the ridings during the recess weeks of November 11, December 16 and most of January – this will be a great opportunity to help positively influence the federal budget and the future of the Canadian Arts Presentation Fund.  If that’s too tight a timeline, any time before the budget is released in March is also helpful.   Send in your meeting request now and tell your MP how they can support the arts in the next budget.

For more information visit the Canadian Arts Coalition site.