CASL Information Sessions

A message from the Canadian Radio-Television and Communications Commission:

As we prepare for full enforcement on July 1, 2017, many of us are confident we have a handle on our compliance with CASL. The CRTC Enforcement Team has been busy with their leadership change and with open files.

As they engage with organizations they would like to share what they are seeing with the rest of the business community. They would like to discuss the details with marketers who would like to understand how CASL is being enforced. So please join us - DMAC and Miller Thomson -  and take advantage of the opportunity to hear it direct from CRTC.

MAY 17, @3:30 - Miller Thomson - 40 King St West

Seating is Limited - Reserve Your Seat now


We have 6 other CASL events for your convenience, between now and July 1, 2017. 

1. Research Study - CASL - Are Organizations Prepared. A Fasken Martineau/DMAC Study

2. CASL: Are You Ready for July 1st? A webinar by Intelliclick featuring Derek Lackey

3. CASL - 4 Weeks to Full Enforcement - WATERLOO - DMAC / Miller Thomson

4. WTF?? - Why The Fine? (US Webinar) DMN Marketer’s Master Class with Derek Lackey

5. CASL - 3 Weeks to Full Enforcement - NIAGARA - DMAC/Miller Thomson/White Oaks Resort

6. CASL:Proving Consent - DMAC/Fasken Martineau Toronto