CCI / Ontario Contact Mobile App is available for download!

Developed by FaveQuest, CCI / Ontario Contact Mobile App is your guide to everything CCI has to offer during its annual conference and throughout the year!

Two apps in one:

1) CCI Mobile App with industry events throughout the year and;

2) Ontario Contact App with the conference events

Download it free for your Android, iPhone and BlackBerry mobile device!

CCI App:

  • Listing of Industry Events throughout the year
  • CCI Membership Directory
  • CCI Facebook page and Twitter stream
  • And more!

Ontario Contact App:

  • Full listing of conference events
  • Showcase schedule
  • Showcase Artists’ bios, videos, photos and contact information
  • Listing of Pitches
  • Listing of Exhibitors
  • Integrated map with key locations
  • Ontario Contact Facebook page and Twitter stream

Download your app now: or or search for “CCI” app in your mobile app store