How to get listed on

Ontario Tourism offers free listings for tourism-related organizations in the province and is happy to add theatres and performing arts centres on the web site, which sees 2 million plus visits per year!

Here’s how to get yourselves listed on Ontario’s tourism website and mobile app:

Tourism Business Listing (Free)

Ensure that you do have (at least) a free ‘basic’ tourism business listing first on, Search the site (top left) for your company name.

    • If you do have a listing, ensure that it is up-to-date. Log-in to make updates/changes.
    • If you do not have a listing, Register here at industry partner site. Click the ‘Register Now for Free’ link located beside the Log In button to start the registration process. Log-in to enter your listing details. Then await Administrator approval (which takes up to five days) 
    • Once you have registered your organization as a tourism partner, and have been approved, you will receive an e-mail with further directions on how to enter your free business and/or event listing for your organization.
    • Listings are free. Select ‘Manage Organization’ and then ‘Create or Update External Listing’. Those listings will be reviewed, translated and posted on their consumer site at
    • See sample basic and premium listings. You can consider a ‘premium’ business listing which consists of a logo, image and 150-word searchable description for $200/year. Should you opt to upgrade to a premium listing, you will require the following elements at the ready:
      • 150-word description – select carefully as these words are searchable across the site.
      • Logo – 147 pixels w X 63 pixels h, GIF or JPEG format
      • Image – 120 pixels w X 160 pixels H, GIF or JPEG format
    • To submit a free event listings, simply log into your account, select ‘Manage Organization’ and then ‘Manage Events’ and fill in your free event listing information.

If you have any questions during the set-up, please contact Nadia, at for assistance.

‘Discover Ontario’ Mobile App (Free) 

There is additional new value in ensuring that you do have an up-to-date listing on the Consumer Website: the award-winning free ‘Discover Ontario’ mobile app is festival- and event-based and provides consumers in-market with geographically-relevant attractions as well. You will benefit from your business listing as well as your ‘events’ (exhibits, shows, etc.) being part of the app. 

    • To enter your events, log-in to enter your listing details. 
    • If you have any questions during the set-up, please contact Nadia, at for assistance. 
    • This data will all then push to our mobile app where consumers will view from the information.

Province-Wide Interactive Map (Not Free)

The Ontario’s Getaway Collections program hosts OTMPC’s only interactive map that relates to arts & culture. The partners that appear within it have invested in the program, and receive a Host page (this is one example), they provide package listings (max. three), etc. The program is criteria-based and presents overnight experiential packages featuring arts & culture, wine & culinary, spa, golf, and select outdoor. 

    • See the contract with criteria on the final two pages.

Contact Kathy Marcelline at in order to discuss being listed on the interactive map on the website.


Additional listing or mapping opportunities may exist with one of the province’s 13 Regional Tourism Organizations (RTOs) which were established following recommendations from the 2009 Discovering Ontario: A Report on the Future of Tourism. Use the ‘Find your Region’ alpha search to determine within which region your business resides, and then connect to that region’s contact information via the navigation at page left.