Join ArtsBuild Ontario's Asset Planner Program!

ArtsBuild Ontario’s Asset Planner for the Arts makes managing your facility easy

Does every repair in your performing arts facility feel like an unfortunate surprise? Plan ahead and be prepared with Asset Planner for the Arts!

This acclaimed asset management tool makes it easier for you to keep your facility in good repair. The intuitive cloud-based system tracks your facility’s condition and allows you to plan ahead for major repair/replacement costs and capital projects. 

 Asset Planner helps you:

  • Create building condition assessments
  • Prioritize needed capital improvements and identify funding gaps
  • Develop data-driven facilities management plans, budgets and cases for funding
  • Identify opportunities for efficiencies and cost savings

Asset Planner is now more affordable for arts organizations… But there are only 9 spots left! 

The cost for this program is based on the square footage of the facilityfacility type and location (due to travel cost) – contact Lindsay Golds at for a quote today!

Find more details or check out our program infographic on our website: