New Mobile App Services for Members

Ontario Presents is launching a mobile app for all events, including Ontario Contact!

OP also extends this partnership to its member organizations to help bring affordable mobile app and web solutions to the Ontario presenting community!

New membership benefit!

It is time for MOBILE: As many of you have likely noticed, nearly everyone is going mobile. People use their smartphone to communicate, search, socialize, take pictures and have fun and often do this using mobile apps they have downloaded to their phone. In fact, over 30 Billion apps have been downloaded so far by people around the world and that number is accelerating.

New Partner and discounts: In order to help our member organization get mobile, we have partnered with FaveQuest, a company that is focused almost exclusively on affordable mobile solutions for the event market. FaveQuest is offering our members special discounts: 25% off on MyEventApps Gold and Platinum packages and VIP access to their support staff. Up to $2000 in savings!

OP / FaveQuest GOLD Package

MyEventApps “GOLD” for iPhone and Android. Cost based on duration:

  • 1 year: $2,000 – OP Price $1,500 (you save 25%, or $500)
  • 2 years: $3,250  - OP Price $2,437.50 (you save 25%, or  812.50)
  • 3 years: $4,000 – OP Price $3,000.00 (you save 25%, or $1000)

OP / FaveQuest PLATINUM Package

MyEventApps “Platinum” for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. Cost based on duration:

  • 1 year: $3,500 - OP Price $2625 (you save 25%, or $875)
  • 2 years: $6,000 - OP Price $4500 (you save 25%, or $1500)
  • 3 years: $8,000 - OP Price $6000 (you save 25%, or $2000)

MyEventApps: MyEventApps, was developed specifically to help event based organizations get mobile quickly and with minimal investment. In fact, by capitalizing on integrated sponsor features, many of FaveQuest’s customers have been able to pay for the app entirely through sponsorships!

How it works: It works well for any event based organization, such as venue, festival, conference, artist agency and touring artists. The solution includes a simple dashboard to enter information and native mobile apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry as well as mobile websites.

  • Smartphone users will download the app before they arrive to browse the schedule, add events to their calendar and send tweets and Facebook messages to their friends to let them know which events they’re attending.
  • During the event, they’ll use the app to obtain maps and locations, check the schedule, take branded SouvenirCam pictures and optionally enter them into contests.
  • After the event, they’ll use the app to recall event information, check on upcoming events and stay in touch through social media accounts.

Take a quick video tour to see how it works!

How to take advantage of this offer: You can find out more about this offer by visiting: You can also contact the CEO of FaveQuest Allan Isfan directly at

Put your events at the fingertips of your audience and the industry - take advantage of this great offer!