Ontario performing arts venues are invited to participate on BeMused Network

BeMused Network (www.be-mused.ca) is a newly launched discovery platform for performing arts events, with a beta service currently in Toronto that has been operating since November 2013 with the support of the Canadian Film Centre’s ideaBOOST program, with partners such as Google, Shaw Media and Corus Entertainment. 

BeMused is a social-technical enterprise, developing innovative solutions to better connect audiences with artists, and all the other stakeholders (such as venues) in the performing arts community beyond Toronto.

BeMused is interested in engaging with performing arts venues in order to develop services that specifically address their needs. This may involve promoting a selection of events on their platform, participating in the design research, and exploring opportunities for cross-promotion with artists and ensembles from across the province and beyond.

“We believe strongly in building connections with groups that have similar objectives as we create new infrastructure to support the ever evolving ecosystem of the performing arts community.” – says Margaret Lam of BeMused Network.

BeMused Network is inviting interested members of the CCI Ontario Presenting Network to participate in their beta service at no charge in order to better understand their challenges in terms of audience development and digital marketing.  The venues will be selected on a case-by-case basis.

For an overview of the events, artists and groups that are currently on BeMused, please visit www.be-mused.ca/explore and click on the “artist” and “group” categories in the left navigation. For a sample of a venue page looks like, please see the page for Lula Lounge on the BeMused website.

Here is also a piece that John Terauds wrote about BeMused.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Margaret or call 1-888-316-2416 x 2.