Ontario Presents announces the launch of new Network Portal and fee structure

You’ve asked and we listened! Ontario Presents introduces new Network Portal, Fee Structure & Discussion Forum!

A Message from our Board President

Ontario Presents is pleased to announce the launch of our new Network Portal and fee structure!

To make it easier to join the network and renew your participation in Ontario Presents, the new fees are flat, so no more calculations and formulas! Presenter and Consortia fees are tiered and based on organization’s annual budget. Moreover, to widen the network and encourage participation, Associates from the same organization may now be added at no extra cost!

The new network portal optimizes your access to and participation in the network. It includes network directory with participant profiles, a user-friendly sign-up form and network participants’ discussion forum for you to connect with colleagues and share knowledge. 

Everyone’s input is welcomed and encouraged, so make sure you take the time to log-on, build your participant profile, and subscribe to the forum. You will increase your network connections and discover colleagues with whom you may share and grow your knowledge about performing arts presentation!

If you know someone or an organization whose participation in the network might be beneficial, encourage them to join or contact Mila, our Communications Manager.

Looking forward to seeing you online,

Colleen Clack,

Board President


Ontario Presents introduces new flat network fees.

Presenter and Consortia fee levels are tiered, based on an organization’s total annual operating budget as follows:

  • Volunteer Presenter - $25.00
  • Under $100K - $150.00
  • $100K - $450K - $250.00
  • $450K to $2MM - $350.00
  • Over $2MM - $450.00

Industry A: Artist Management - $155

Industry B: Arts Business Consultant / Service Provider  - $155

Associate - individuals directly associated with a Presenter, Consortia, or Industry participant may be added at no extra cost! Presenting organizations may add up to five (5) associates. Industry organizations may add up to three (3) associates free of charge.

Artist - $25

Supporter - $25

Student - $25


Ontario Presents’ new network portal hosts network directory with participant profiles, discussion forums as well as join form and event registration.

Participant Profile and Set-Up

Participant profiles allow colleagues to easily identify other colleagues whom they may contact to ask questions, propose projects, and work on shared initiatives.  Profiles provide insights into participants’ backgrounds, goals, and program interests.

To access your participant profile, please login to the Network portal with your e-mail address. To obtain your password click “Forgot your password” to receive a new one.


Setting up your profile page gives you the opportunity to provide details about yourself, your organization and include a photo / logo.

Account Management and Renewal

Are you the primary contact / designate for your organization?

Ontario Presents’ membership is organization-based and is represented by a designate member. Organizations may also include associates - individuals directly associated with a Presenter, Consortia, or Industry member who may be added in the organization’s participant bundle. Bundled participants from the same organization share the same renewal date and the entire bundle is included in a single fee.

All designates are assigned a role of “bundle administrator” for the organization’s inclusion in the network. The bundle administrator is responsible for managing the organization’s annual renewal and adding/changing participants in the bundle.

To view your organization’s status and dues, or to add more associates, simply login to the new Network Portal.

Don’t know who your bundle administrator is? Ask us!

Forum Subscription

Join peer experts across the province on the topics that interest you most.

The new Network Portal also houses participant discussion Forum. To use the Forum each network participant must subscribe. Forum subscription is located within the new portal. We have “General Forum” for all participants as well as “Presenter/Consortia Forum” and “Classical Music Forum” for OCMN group. Once you have signed in and set up your profile pages, you may subscribe to the Forum. All previous forum conversations are archived and may be accessed on the new site.

Having everyone contribute allows us to harness the knowledge and skills of many people and grow together.

Sign in, subscribe and start chatting!