OP's New Statement of Purpose, Values, and Guiding Principles

Ontario Presents, throughout its thirty-year history, has operated as a peer-to-peer support network. For its first 14 years, the organization was led by a group of dedicated board volunteers. For the last 17 years of significant advancement, OP has been managed by a professional and committed staff with continued support and guidance provided by its volunteer board.

Beginning in 2003 and repeated every 2-3 years, OP has undergone extensive planning processes with board and staff participation to ensure the organization was not only serving the interests of its members and its funding agencies, but also leading the way with new ideas, practices, and directions. 

For the past 15 years, the organization’s mission was focused on developing networks and leadership.  Today Ontario Presents provides support for no less than five networks and has developed considerable expertise in organizational and leadership development.

In 2014, the OP board and staff arrived at a critically important distinction in determining OP’s future purpose and practice.  It determined that OP’s mission was not to be a service provider – nor had it ever been intended to be – but rather continue to be a learning organization focused on developing the sector’s touring and presenting practices. This focus was further crystallized into a new Statement of Purpose, Values and Guiding Principles – first started in January 2018 and finalized a year later at the January 2019 board and staff planning retreat in Toronto.

The new Statement of Purpose begins in similar fashion to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and states OP’s fundamental belief in the power and  importance of art and the reason why OP exists. It further elaborates OP’s mission, its values, and the five Guiding Principles by which it will abide in its practices.

A copy of OP’s new Statement of Purpose, Values, and Guiding Principles may be downloaded from here.

The new Statement of Purpose, Values, and Guiding Principles will be the foundation for OP’s continued work in developing policies and practices.  At its June annual retreat in Toronto, OP members will have the opportunity to drill down into the new Statement and wrestle with the implications of what it means to be a member of a peer-to-peer learning network and what the expectations are for contributing to the welfare and support of each network’s participants.


Ronnie Brown
President of the Board