SPARC Scholarship Fund

The SPARC Organizing Committee is committed to making the Symposium for Performing Arts in Rural Communities accessible to people from settings and communities with limited resources, including youth, volunteers and community-based creators, producers and presenters in the fields of dance, music, theatre and media arts. SPARC is eager to provide opportunities for participants to expand connections, share ideas and be inspired.

What does the Access Fund cover?

  • Registration fees.
  • Travel: by the most economical means
  • Accommodation – up to 3 nights: we hope you will agree to share a room, which helps us support more people. If you decide not to share, we will be able to offer a contribution towards the cost of a private room - you will be responsible for the balance.

Although every attempt will be made to assist as many people as possible, the Scholarship Fund is limited. SPARC reserves the right to offer partial scholarships or to propose alternative arrangements.

Deadline to apply is Friday, June 3, 2016. Please refer to the full guidelines.