Sponsorship Tutorial Series

Get ready for the sponsorship that you deserve! Ontario Presents is pleased to partner with Business for the Arts in their Sponsorship Series for arts organizations. This six-part easy-to-follow, fun-to-do, online tutorial series was created to help you level up your career and to sprinkle some sponsorship pepper into your art. 

As an affiliate member, Ontario Presents is pleased to be able to offer our members a special registration rebate. 

  • Bundle A – any 2 tutorials for $178 (member rebate $50)
  • Bundle B – any 3 for $247 (member rebate $75)
  • Bundle C – all 6 tutorials for $397 (member rebate $100)


We offer a rebate on purchases made by our member organizations, to be eligible for a rebate, please forward us a copy of your purchase receipt, along with the name of the organization you work for. Only members in good standing are eligible for the rebate.

When you purchase this series you get lifetime access to the material. So whether you’re in a busy part of your year, or you’re ready to dive right in, the modules await you.


Module 1: Sponsorship 101

The foundation to the entire six-part sponsorship tutorial series begins with Sponsorship 101. What is sponsorship anyway? This module covers all five areas of the sponsorship cycle from a birds eye view. It was designed to help you see the full picture before each area is uncovered in more depth during future modules. This first module comes bundled with the purchase of any of the five modules.

Module 2: Planning

Like a map that leads you to your destination, the Planning module is an integral part of the sponsorship cycle. This will inspire the organizer deep inside of you, and bring your ideas into a cohesive strategy. Your attention to this phase of the sponsorship cycle will allow you to bring other team members on-board with ease, and maximize your chance of building the ideal partnership that you’re after with businesses.

Module 3: Prospecting

How do you find your potential sponsors? This module takes you through doing so from A to Z. Prospecting is all about defining what your sponsorship needs are, identifying ideal businesses that you would like to partner with, and determining whether your needs can fulfill a need for your prospect. This module alone could save you years of frustration and missed opportunities.

Module 4: Making an Approach

When it comes to reaching out to request a sponsorship meeting, we know how nerve racking it can be. Approaching a business to explore a sponsorship opportunity isn’t part of what you had hoped to be doing with your time, right? We get it, and you’re not alone. That’s why we’ve developed this in-depth module to take you through the process from start to finish and move you confidently beyond your comfort zone.

Module 5: Pitching

The moment of truth has arrived. There you are sitting in the meeting you have secured after weeks and months of preparation. You’re ready for whatever comes your way because after completing this module of the sponsorship tutorial series, you’re confident and clear on what to expect. You’ve done your planning, and you’ve seen creative ways to foster relationships with potential sponsors and partners.

Module 6: Fulfillment & Stewardship

So you’ve had your successful meeting, and you’ve sealed a sponsorship deal. This is cause for much celebration. But there’s still one more step to ensure you become an ideal arts organization for future sponsorship opportunities. The sixth and final tutorial on Fulfillment & Stewardship will reveal the many ways in which you can ensure a prosperous relationship with your sponsor, through customer service.