The 5 Ps of Marketing

As presenters, you probably already have an audience base that is interested in what you do and takes note of your mailings and advertisements. But there are others in your community who may not yet be aware of you or who may not yet have been enticed to attend. 

If you are a new presenter, you may not already have a fan base to count on, but there are probably other activities in town that have attracted the patrons who are most likely to attend your events.

Traditionally, we think of marketing as the 5 Ps:  Product, Price, Place, Promotion and People. 


Not just the show, but also program enhancements such as pre-event receptions, post-show discussions, season ticket packages, etc.


In addition to the “list” price you set for your tickets, price is a key factor in many promotion strategies, from discounts for specific audience segments (e.g. groups, seniors or students); discounts based on timing of purchase (advance versus day-of or a special one-day sale celebrating an occasion); day of week (used for multiple night engagements where the less attractive performance times are priced less than the most attractive); seat location (e.g. balcony versus orchestra or sides versus center); number of tickets purchased (single event family ticket packs, multiple event season tickets or offers like buy one adult, get a free child’s ticket). 


The place is not just where the show is taking place, it refers to the place where people can get access to tickets, i.e. the sales channels. These can include allotments of tickets at local retail outlets or in the hands of your volunteers, a telephone reservation system, security encrypted order forms on your website or the venue’s commercial ticketing operation.  


There are lots and lots of promotional tools available including advertising, e-blasts, telesales, direct mail, poster and flyer distribution, promotion events, media relations, etc.  


From the ticket sellers, to the ushers, to the staff, management and volunteers of your organization, everyone has the ability to be a part of the sales force and to contribute to creating a welcoming and satisfying experience for the audience. 

This information was sourced from the On the Road guide created by the Canada Council for the Arts. Reprinted by Ontario Presents with permission from the Canada Council for the Arts.