Recorded Webinar: Everyone is Welcome! 5 Ways to Expand Your Audience (volunteer)

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About the Webinar:

Arts organizations always want to expand their audience, and one of the ways to do that is to consider how you can be more accessible. Universal design principles can be applied to many areas- physical spaces, programming, volunteer engagement, etc. - creating a more welcome and inlclusive environment for everyone.

This webinar covers low cost/no cost ways that you, as a presenter, can implement immediately to create communications, programming, and physical spaces that will better serve all audience members.

About the Presenter:

Constance Exley is the CEO of Accessibility Ontario, and education and trainign organization that helps organizations meet provincial accessibility laws. Accessibility Ontario offers webiste accessibility audits, online accessibility training, and instructional sessions on how to make accessible documents. Constance has worked in collaboration with the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario (Government of Ontario) fo rmany years and is currently leading a year-long education initiative with the Ontario Camps Association.