For general inquiries or to reach a staff member by email, please contact info @

Judy Harquail - Director of Programs

T: 416-703-6709 x4

Cheryl Ewing - Event Manager, Ontario Contact

T: 902-443-4309 or 416-703-6709 x3

Ceilidh Wood - Program Associate 

T: 416-703-6709 x4

Natalie Dewan - Program Associate 

T: 416-703-6709 x5

Deb Maitland - Communications Coordinator

T: 416-703-6709 x7

Jane Marsland - ArtsEngage Canada Project Lead

Please contact the office at 416-703-6709 x5

Deb Daub - Senior Accountant

T: 416-703-6709 x6