Meet the Artist: 5 Phenomenal Dance and Theatre Artists

 Dark blue background with imprints of leaves. On the right is a collage of photos of Norma Araiza, Olga Barrios, Kate Kamo McHugh, Mayumi Lashbrook, and Stacy-Ann Vassell. On the left is text that reads: Meet the Artists. Gathering Voices, Sharing Knowledge: Touring in the New Normal.

Our Meet the Artist series highlights amazing and talented performing arts professionals from diverse backgrounds. Over the past 4 months, we shared profiles featuring a few of the phenomenal dance and theatre artists participating in Gathering Knowledge, Sharing Voices: Touring in the New Normal—a learning community for IBPOC dance and theatre artists, including:

Screenshot of Kate Kamo McHugh, sitting on a white couch during a video interview.  Kate Kamo McHugh - Dance Artist




Stacy-Ann Vassell, Artistic Director of Elite Dance and Company  Stacy-Ann Vassell - Dance Artist




 Norma Araiza and Olga Barrios, Co-Artistic Directors of Vanguardia Dance Projects Norma Araiza and Olga Barrios - Dance and Theatres Artists




Meet Mayumi Lashbrook, participant in Gathering Knowledge, Sharing Voices: Touring in the New Normal program  Mayumi Lashbrook - Dance Artist 




We invite you to watch their interviews as they share their wisdom, their projects, and their passion with the performing arts community, and to remember that starting a relationship with an artist can begin with an invitation to lead a workshop, sit on a panel, or collaborate with a local artist.