New in the Resource Centre: Advocacy Starter Guide

With support from SPARC’s Collaborative Community Initiatives Program, the Community Presenters’ Network (CPN) has commissioned a Starter Guide for arts & culture advocacy in the context of small, community-oriented venues and series presenters.

The Guide is based on research into advocacy and debates on cultural value, as well as interviews with 20 individuals in Ontario, Yukon and Atlantic Canada — all involved in different ways in the rural cultural ecology — to better understand the opportunities and obstacles that CPN members could collaborate to tackle. It includes a breakdown of elements of advocacy to consider, as well as a checklist to help you strategize. 

This guide was produced by Fanny Martin (Art of Festivals) for the Community Presenters’ Network, thanks to support from SPARC’s Collaborative Community Initiatives Program.

Check out the Advocacy Starter Guide in our Resource Centre now!