Recorded Webinar: Engaging Youth as Volunteers: “Making Room for Young People”

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Young people are the future of volunteering yet they are the least asked of all age groups. This introductory webinar has been designed for organizations not currently engaging youth or who might be having challenges with youth. We will explore not only a wide age range of what we consider to be ‘youth’ and what they are looking for in a volunteer opportunity but help you understand whether this age group are appropriate volunteers for your organization. Participants will learn about “new strategies for engaging youth” and how to adapt general volunteer roles to be more appealing. We cannot forget about what NEW roles you could develop to attract youth. Best practices when dealing with youth will be shared.  

By the end of this webinar, you should have a clear idea of whether engaging youth as volunteers in your arts organization is feasible. This webinar will be as interactive as possible with some questions or quick quizzes to answer and idea sharing.  


Donna Lockhart is a trainer, consultant and partner in The RETHINK Group. Her mission is to help organizations “attract, support and expand” their volunteer resources. For over 35 years, she has partnered with hundreds of non-profit organizations to help develop volunteer engagement strategies; provide training; and, develop resources for volunteers and staff.

Donna has delivered hundreds of training opportunities focused on all aspects of volunteer engagement. This wide range of experience working with volunteers in many organizations has enriched her perspective. Donna designed and delivered a series of three webinars for Ontario Presents in 2015 that included Recruitment, Retention and Recognition. Arts clients include the Scougog Arts Council; Royal Scottish Country Dance Toronto Association; the Robert McLaughlin Gallery; and, the 2014 Philanthropy Forum in Peterborough that focused on volunteering in the Arts and Heritage Sector. 

Donna designed and currently instructs the online Certificate in Volunteer Management for Sir Sandford Fleming College. In 2006, she designed the first online course for Charity Village called Building a Great Volunteer Program. It continues today to be one of their most popular courses. Her interest in working with youth lead to the publication of The Youth Volunteer Audit, a tool for non-profit organizations to increase their effectiveness and success with youth.

Volunteering: Donna has volunteered since the age of 12 and contributed in many roles: AMVS-the local volunteer association in Peterborough; Board member and Director of Education for PAVR-O; volunteer writer for Charity Village; Advisory Member to help the HR Council of Canada and the Canadian Administrators of Volunteers to develop the first Occupational Standards for the role of Coordinator of Volunteers (completed fall 2012); YWCA of Peterborough Board Member; Peterborough Community Care Yearly Run; and, the Shoebox Project.

Donna is a Certified Volunteer Resource Manager and has a Master’s Degree in Community Development & Recreation Planning from York University.

For more information about The RETHINK Group contact Donna at: