Recorded Webinar | Grant Writing for Success

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This webinar is intended for those who have some experience writing grants but would like to increase their success rate.


It is important to realize that grant writing is a skill and a process that requires time and commitment. Spending some time preparing for grant writing before you start writing can increase your success rate and actually cut down on your time commitment. This webinar anticipates that the participants have spent some time writing grants and are seeking ways to improve their success rate.


Will include a template for a background document that provides much of the organizational materials that you will need to have handy, as well as a checklist to follow so that your approach to each grant is well organized. 

The Webinar Leader

Cheryl Ewing
 has over three decades of experience in program and community development. Having worked in the municipal, educational, for profit and not-for-profit sectors Ms. Ewing brings a broad perspective to the working climate of organizations and continues to serve as a member of grant review teams as well as someone who submits grants annually. She brings a hands-on appreciation to the trials and tribulations of grant writing and some very useful approaches to the work. Sought after as a facilitator from coast to coast, Ewing brings a sense of humour and appreciation for the various issues faced by her clients including their lack of time and human resources.