Recorded Webinar: Greening Your Festival

Music festivals have a bad rap for leaving a huge pile of garbage after all of the musicians and dancers are gone, unfortunately, most of time it’s true. That being said, there is a mighty group of festivals across North America that have a goal to leave “no trace behind”, and have done it well. From local food vendors, to proper waste bin systems, signage and compensation, there are many ways to encourage your patrons to do their part without the need of extra energy or determination.

The “G” word is really going around these days but we have to face the facts, it’s cool to be Green. Every event has their unique approach to dealing with waste, but it’s a common problem we all need to deal with. Whether your team is hard core and wants to push the limits, or if you are just trying to figure out how to reduce your impact on the local environment, you will leave this session with tangible strategies on reducing waste and your carbon footprint locally and globally.

This Webinar is going to explore ideas about how you can do better at “greening” your festival; from remediation on a long term effect, creating mandates and platforms for impact, or just setting up your waste system in an effective and useful way. We will talk about volunteer positions, sponsors, funding, ideas on how to encourage people to use systems… wherever the conversation leads!

Webinar leader

Courtney Steeves became part of the environmental movement at the age of 10 when she became a vegetarian, to help save the rainforest, and again at 18 when she started eating meat again, to help save the rainforest. It may sound cheeky but it’s important to recognize that the “movement” changes and there is a challenge to keep abreast to new information as it is released.

After getting her degree in Environment Science from Memorial University, Courtney worked at various not-for-profit organizations to help hone her skills in promoting environmental awareness. She thrives on inspiring people to do the “simple things” to make a change. On a side note, she also has a certain love when quotation marks are used in the “wrong” place.

Courtney is currently the manager at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre in Fredericton, NB as well as the Events Coordinator at Feels Good Inc., following 7 years as the Green Team Coordinator. As a not-for-profit organization, Feels Good promotes visual art and music in the community through various events, most notably Folly Fest in the Village of Gagetown, NB. This 3-day/3-night festival doubles the population of the village overnight and Folly Fest prides itself on the leadership in waste reduction around the music festival scene. Her goal is to help people recognize that they can make small changes for a big difference, and to open their minds to new ideas.