RECORDED WEBINAR: Presenting Finance 200

Professional Presenting
Volunteer Presenting

This webinar will assume presenter has experience presenting and wishes to extend knowledge to multi performance management (tour, festival or season).  


  1. The W5 on you as a presenter and why you care
  2. The Artist contract – fee with splits, royalties, complicated tech, etc., 2 examples
  3. The Venue contract – fee as percentage, supply of tech, not general admission, 2 examples
  4. Sales and Marketing – hall mapping, dynamic pricing, media
  5. Other – Copyright, insurance, etc.
  6. Revenues – the 7 sources, pricing for subscription, who owns what, scenarios, etc.
  7. The bottom line – decisions and negotiations
  8. Cashflow for multi shows


Sharon McMorran is a designated accountant, retired after 23 years as head of finance for Centre in the Square in Kitchener Ontario.  Her portfolios at various times while at the Centre included Finance, Personnel, Marketing, Technical, AGM and a short few months as General Manager.  She spent countless nights and weekends settling performances with presenters; has experience drafting budgets for house shows and managing cash flows for a charity.