Indigenous Artist Spotlight Series

Ontario Presents and its member presenting organizations recognize the importance of presenting Indigenous artists, stories and culture as part of their presenting practice.  

In our continuing efforts to encourage the respectful presentation of Indigenous art, we began a Spotlight series in 2017 in which we feature an Indigenous artist each month in our e-newsletter and blog. 

Our sincere thanks to Denise Bolduc for conceiving of and continuing to support this Spotlight Series. Spotlights are developed with the artist, and are intended simply to share the artist’s work and foster greater awareness and understanding of the strength and diversity of Indigenous art available in Ontario and beyond.

All of the interviews that have been published thus far can be found below. This list will be updated each month.

Jeff D'Hondt Mesingw image

Jeff D’Hondt

Interviewed June 2020

Olga and Norma perform in MonstersVanguardia Dance Projects

Interviewed May 2020

D.B. Mcleod performing stand-up

D.B. Mcleod

Interviewed April 2020

Yolanda Bonnell headshot

Yolanda Bonnell
Playwright, performer, poet

Interviewed March 2020

G.R. Gritt

Interviewed February 2020

Nick Sherman Headshot

Nick Sherman

Interviewed January 2020

Classic Roots

Interviewed December 2019 

Amanda Rheaume Headshot

Amanda Rheaume

Interviewed November 2019

Silla and Rise group headshot

Silla and Rise
Musical Trio

Interviewed October 2019

Midnight Shine group photoMidnight Shine

Interviewed August 2019  


Tanya Lukin Linklater headshotTanya Lukin Linklater

Interviewed July 2019 


Julian Taylor headshot

Julian Taylor

Interviewed June 2019

The Ollivanders band group headshotThe Ollivanders

Interviewed May 2019

Twin Flames promotional photoTwin Flames

Interviewed April 2019

Clayton Windatt holding power vs powerless sign

Clayton Windatt
Multi-Artist and Executive Director, Aboriginal Curatorial Collective

Interviewed March 2019  

Cody Coyote headshot

Cody Coyote
Hip Hop-Electronic Artist and Motivational Speaker

Interviewed February 2019  

Lacey Hill headshotLacey Hill
Singer/Songwriter and Inspirational Speaker

Interviewed January 2019  

Montana Summers dancing

Montana Summers

Interviewed December 2018

Bruce Naokwegjig headshotBruce Naokwegijig
Actor, Director, and Artistic Director of Debajehmujig Theatre Group

Interviewed November 2018 

Ange Loft Headshot

Ange Loft
Multidisciplinary Artist, Associate Artistic Director, Jumblies Theatre, Vocalist, Yamantaka//Sonic Titan

Interviewed October 2018

Spy Denomme-Welch Headshot

Spy Dénommé-Welch
Writer and Composer

Interviewed September 2018 

Cheri Maracle headshot

Cheri Maracle
Singer and Actor 

Interviewed August 2018 

Iskwe Headshot


Interviewed July 2018 

Chad Anderson HeadshotChad Anderson

Interviewed June 2018 

Aria Evans dancingAria Evans

Interviewed May 2018 

Michelle Olson HeadshotMichelle Olson
Dancer, Choreographer and Artistic Director of Raven Spirit Dance

Interviewed April 2018 

Keith Barker HeadshotKeith Barker
Theatre Artist and Artistic Director of Native Earth Performing Arts

Interviewed March 2018 

Jani Lauzon HeadshotJani Lauzon
Multidisciplinary Artist

Interviewed February 2018  

Jeremy Dutcher PhotoJeremy Dutcher

Interviewed January 2018 

Falen Johnson headshotFalen Johnson

Interviewed December 2017 

Christine Friday

Christine Friday
Dancer and Choreographer

Interviewed November 2017